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Legal advisory in the scope of:


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We provide founders with comprehensive advice from the project creation to the investment exit. We negotiate transaction documents, including but not limited to term-sheet, investment/shareholders agreement, company’s deed, securities and collaterals, we advise on issues regarding the choice of investment structure and the form of obtaining the funds. We prepare the company to investor due diligence as well as we conduct due diligence to identify the legal risk connected with a given transaction, then we prepare necessary transaction documents.
We prepare option programs for company’s employees and company’s management.
We advise on the appropriate form of pursuing business, provide ongoing legal services of company’s bodies.
We advise on every aspect of the intellectual property law and unfair competition acts, as well as on issues related to sale of the company’s assets, including the sale/transfer of its organized part.

Venture Capital & Private Equity

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We handle comprehensive service of investment processes and transactions, commencing from the creation the venture, through the investments until the exit the venture.

We advise Venture Capital and Private Equity funds within VC/PE transactions. 

We advise on the form of financing and on forming the relationship between investors and entities raising funds. In consultation with tax advisers, we select personalized solutions for a specific entity.


We prepare transactions documents as well as the documentation connected with exit the venture or management buyout (MBO). We conduct comprehensive Legal Due Diligence.

M&A Transactions

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We provide comprehensive legal support in any issues arising out of acquisition or merger of enterprises or assets, exits, restructuring and transformation of individual entities or capital groups.

We advise shareholders, investors and other interested entities participating in mergers and acquisitions transactions.

In co-operation with a tax advisers and the accounting office bookkeepers, we develop the optimum legal and tax model for a transaction. We conduct comprehensive Legal Due Diligence, we negotiate any agreements connected with a transaction and the external financing of a transaction and the collaterals.

We provide full legal service of the share deal and asset deal transactions. We provide full post-transaction support.

Intellectual Property

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We advise on the agreements related to the copyright law, including those involving technology transfer, we examine the legal status of obtained rights.

We advise on the agreements referred to the trade marks, internet domains, industrial designs, inventions and utility models.

We support the process of commercialization of R&D projects.


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Due to the epidemic in the territory of the Republic of Poland, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we provide advice to entrepreneurs, including tenants of commercial premises in shopping malls and large-scale centers, as well as lessees who, due to the epidemic and the restrictions introduced as a result, are unable to due fulfill their contractual obligations.

New Technologies and IT

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We advise on the development, implementation and operation of software and mobile applications.

We draft and analyze agreements for execution and implementation of IT systems, outsourcing agreements or Service Level Agreements and software licenses.


Legal, engineering and technological support in sectors and areas:



Food Sector

Renewable Energy, Waste2Energy, Energy Storage

COVID - related solutions


EU Certification of devices for importers or manufacturers.

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We plan, coordinate and manage testing and certification procedures required from manufacturers of technical devices before import or manufacturing for EU markets, as well as:

  • Analyzing of relevant European Directives 
  • Creating EU Declaration of Conformity, 
  • Technical Files
  • Product Manuals, 
  • Leaflets


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  • Audits and analysis of compliance with standards (EU, US, GOCT) for devices and processes
  • Standard implementation in design and technology
  • New standards development, private – internal standards.
  • Market analysis of future standardization scenarios


Case studies – our success stories:


With many years of experience in Med-Tech inventions, research, prototyping, commercialization and testing we are able to create true innovations for our Customers.

Needle Injection Systems (automatic)

Needle Injection Systems (automatic) – cartridges, needles, NIS – numerous Audits and Inspections of Medical Devices re. EN ISO PN-EN ISO 13485:2016 executed for the leading EU manufacturer and distributor.

Innovative Design of Automatic Needle Injection System designed for EU and Chinese markets

face mask dryer/holder

Innovative hygienic face mask dryer/holder/disinfecting appliance for use in passenger cars – Invention, Design, Prototype and Testing, Commercialization


Modern ventilation and air-conditioning system require state of the art solutions and technical perfection. Our experienced engineers equipped with state of the art laboratory develop advanced solutions for our Customers – from Air Handling Units, through duct systems, end devices up to sophisticated hygiene control and emergency contro modules.

Air Handling Units, Ducts, terminal devices, controls

Air Holding Units: 46 performed Certification Audits re. EN ISO 1886 and 13053
Innovative, patented design for heat loss limitation, heat flux remote measurement

Ducts – several audits of duct systems re. EN PN-EN 1507:2007, PN-EN 12237:2005, (e.g. National Stadium of Poland)

End devices – 84 audits of end devices parameters, including visualization of air flow in the Great Hall in Montpelliere.

We developed innovative control module for detection of air contaminants and protection of the Air Handling Units



Plate Heat Exchangers, rotary heat exchangers

Innovative design of plate heat exchangers, diffusion plate heat exchangers.

Rotary Wheel Exchangers – Condensation and Sorption wheels.

Optimisation, Design, and Testing


Food Sector – Production

Todays standards related to ISO 22000 require perfect process control and handling. Our innovative devices help our Customers manage this difficult task with ease and at minimal cost.


Sausage Dryer


Inversion Tornado


Hygienic Protector


Air Guard

COVID – related

COVID – 19 pandemy taught everyone how important is the hygienic air supply. We developed many innovative applications and devices  to help you care for your breath.


Face Mask


face mask holder/dryer


Digital Air


Cellular HVAC


Every day our world expands. And every day we need to look deep into the nature of the matter. New nanomaterials help our Customers be secure and save money.


hygienic coatings for industry and civil use


  • Ideation, Inventions and innovations, customized solutions
  • Know-how – development, takeover support and original development
  • Patents
  • Multidisciplinary R&D
  • Commercialization, prototyping, testing, optimization, tuning
  • Laboratory testing and analysis
    Energy Audits in Industry
  • Technological Audits
  • Life Cycle Assessment Studies,
  • Support in EU certification, Preparation of Technical Documentation for EU and US markets


Our Team

Maciej Buzuk, PhD. Eng,


Sworn Expert of KIGM No. 0033

Independent Researcher, Standardization Consultant (HVAC, Internal Air Quality, Outside Air, Medical Devices)

German, English, Russian

Piotr Bednarczuk


Advocate/Startups/Venture Capital and Private Equity/M&A/New technologies and IT


Highly qualified engineers, scientists, inventors, lawyers (advocates, legal advisors), with many years of experience in engineering and technological support in sectors and areas: HVAC, Med-Tech, Food Sector, Renewable Energy, Waste2Energy, Energy Storage, COVID – related solutions and

Nanotechnology, as well as business transactions, law and new technologies law, cooperating with GBLAW within the framework of permanent cooperation. CFA tax advisers and financial analysts cooperating with GBLAW as part of ad hoc cooperation as part of individual business projects.


We bring over 20 years of broad experience to our clients. What connects us is our passion for innovation, creativity and problem solving.


The seat of GBLAW is located at Centrum Biurowe Garnizon in Gdansk at Grunwaldzka 184, 2nd floor


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80-266 Gdańsk, Poland


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