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Sewis suspended


Due to the epidemic in the territory of the Republic of Poland, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we provide advice to entrepreneurs, including tenants of commercial premises in shopping malls and large-scale centres, as well as lessees who, due to the epidemic and the restrictions introduced as a result, are unable to due fulfil their contractual obligations.


We provide founders with comprehensive advice from the project creation to the investment exit. We negotiate transaction documents, including but not limited to term-sheet, investment/shareholders agreement, company’s deed, securities and collaterals, we advise on issues regarding the choice of investment structure and the form of obtaining the funds. We prepare the company to investor due diligence as well as we conduct due diligence to identify the legal risk connected with a given transaction, then we prepare necessary transaction documents.

We prepare option programs for company’s employees and company’s management.

We advise on the appropriate form of pursuing business, provide ongoing legal services of company’s bodies. 

We advise on every aspect of the intellectual property law and unfair competition acts, as well as on issues related to sale of the company’s assets, including the sale/transfer of its organized part.

We handle comprehensive service of investment processes and transactions, commencing from the creation the venture, through the investments until the exit the venture.

We advise Venture Capital and Private Equity funds within VC/PE transactions. 

We advise on the form of financing and on forming the relationship between investors and entities raising funds. In consultation with tax advisers, we select personalized solutions for a specific entity.


We prepare transactions documents as well as the documentation connected with exit the venture or management buyout (MBO). We conduct comprehensive Legal Due Diligence.

We provide comprehensive legal support in any issues arising out of acquisition or merger of enterprises or assets, exits, restructuring and transformation of individual entities or capital groups.


We advise shareholders, investors and other interested entities participating in mergers and acquisitions transactions.


In co-operation with a tax advisers and the accounting office bookkeepers, we develop the optimum legal and tax model for a transaction. We conduct comprehensive Legal Due Diligence, we negotiate any agreements connected with a transaction and the external financing of a transaction and the collaterals.


We provide full legal service of the share deal and asset deal transactions. We provide full post-transaction support.

We advise in the process of establishment, transformation and liquidation of the commercial companies.

We provide comprehensive corporate and legal services of the company and company’s bodies.

We create and manage of bond documents, we prepare option programs for company’s employees and company’s management.

We provide support and advisory in the scope of the liquidation of the companies, as well as representation in the course of bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.

We advise on the development, implementation and operation of software and mobile applications.

We draft and analyse agreements for execution and implementation of IT systems, outsourcing agreements or Service Level Agreements and software licences.

We advise on the agreements related to the copyright law, including those involving technology transfer, we examine the legal status of obtained rights.

We advise on the agreements referred to the trade marks, internet domains, industrial designs, inventions and utility models.

We support the process of commercialisation of R&D projects.