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al. Grunwaldzka 186
80-266 Gdańsk
tel. +48 601 800 607; +48 661 614 161


The Legal Office of Głuszczak Bednarczuk Counsellors Partnership Limited By Shares renders legal services for over 20 years. We are a specialist legal office. Our major are business issues related to business and economic relations and the financial instruments (advice on the financing of business ventures, mergers and acquisitions, financial instruments, private equity investments, capital markets, economic, commercial, corporate and business law, restructuring and bankruptcy law, investment and construction processes and commercialization of building areas) and business law, restructuring and bankruptcy law), as well as the tax advisory activities, with particular consideration of tax proceedings and widely understood control proceedings and within penal-fiscal proceedings.

We provide legal services primarily to entrepreneurs, both public and private companies and entities, with a strength market position as well as to start-up entities by means of venture capital funds. We also offer legal support and assistance to members of company bodies. We also provide the “family office” services. We represent clients in criminal cases, using specialist knowledge in the field of so-called “white collar crimes”, the crimes committed to the detriment of the companies and other economic entities, the crimes related to trade in securities and other financial instruments and in connection with other abuses of capital market’ participants.

Within the framework of legal practice, we cooperate with team office consisted of several highly-experienced and thoroughly trained lawyers (counsellors and legal advisors), having many years of experience in economic, corporate and business law.

We also cooperate closely with tax advisers and CFAs (Chartered Financial Analysts) within the framework of creation of individual business models and their optimization for Customers’ needs and purposes.

We are pleased to present a detailed presentation of our Legal Office and the range of services and provided assistance during direct meeting.

Our team

Advocate/Start-ups/Intellectual Property/New technologies and IT/COVID-19

tel. +48 604 600 063
Advocate/Start-ups/Venture Capital and Private Equity/M&A/Corporate/New technologies and IT

tel. +48 601 800 607

Highly-experienced and thoroughly trained lawyers (counsellors and legal advisors), having many years of experience in economic, corporate and business law, cooperate with Legal Office on the basis of constant cooperation.

Tax advisors and CFAs cooperate with Legal Office ad hoc, within the framework of individual business projects.


The seat of GBLAW is located at Centrum Biurowe Garnizon in Gdansk at Grunwaldzka 186, II p.s

al. Grunwaldzka 186
80-266 Gdańsk, Poland
tel. +48 601 800 607

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